WordPress Theme Detector – Free online tool to find a site’s theme and plugin

WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector - What WordPress theme is that awesome site using?


If you guess that a site you like uses WordPress, enter its address and hit the button. Our tool will analyze it for you and will display a whole lot of information about the WordPress theme and plugins being used. And more.

It is a free tool that you can use to primarily detect the theme of a particular WordPress site.


To use the tool, you only need an Internet connection. No download or purchase is required. Just click on the text box where you have to enter the site URL for detection. The page will generate a result that contains the type of theme and plugin or plugins being used.

The tool is great for WordPress users like you who want to stay updated with the latest and trending themes. In particular, the tool helps you to identify which themes are more effective in generating traffic.


You can see also our statistic reports for Top Themes, Top Theme Providers & Top Plugins.



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