WooCommerce Search Box

WooCommerce Search Box is a very powerful and easy to use Woocommerce Search Plugin which turns a simple search box of your WooCommerce Store to the powerful multifunctional magic box which helps you to sell more products.

The plugin UI is compatible with all themes.

Lightning Fast Search by Product Name, Description, Synonyms, SKU, Product Tags, Custom Fields and Attributes!

Some of features in action

First Screen – When the visitor starts to type something.

Typo Correction Resolver – If visitor makes typo mistake in search keyword, the plugin understands what he/she means and shows relevant results. Search by Stock Keeping Unit code (SKU) – WooCommerce search by SKU solution Search by your chosen custom meta field, tags, attributes. Suggest popular products when “no any result found” message appears. Seach by category names Search Analytics which allows you to track what your customers type in search box



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